Need an overlay? Request them here!



Tell me and I’ll try to do my best!


I want a girl (I will give you the details) strapped to this 808679100010lg with a straitjacket on and a bandanna covering her eyes.


Could you make an overlay for the guard desk background please? :slight_smile: I’ll credit you in my story


I…um. Is this still open? :sweat_smile:


can you make a jeep overlay?


Hey, I’m in need of a text overlay. The font should be thick, but kind of rounded in each corner.
It should just be the word “EPISODE” and all the numbers from 0-10.
I don’t want to stress you, take your time. I would really appreciate a lot. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Screenshot_20181031-212255.png · 720×1440 294 KB

I’m in need of a mirror overlay


here is that mirror that I need to be a overlay


Hi! I’d like an overlay of like a pink spotlight, and not like the light, just the light beam. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello! May I request a overlay please?


is this still open??? :blush:


Are you still doing them?


Hey can you make the the desk an overlay

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