Need an overlay!


I need an overlay made for my new story!

A title for the intro of my story!
If you’re willing to show me your talents, let me know and drop some examples down below if you have any. If I’m interested I’ll message you and tell you details!!

Thanks xx


I’d be happy to do one for you! I’ve only ever made a few overlays, I can do them fine, but mostly I just get cover requests lol :joy:

Anyway here are my examples:


I know they’re all of phones but I’m the most proud of them aha :see_no_evil::joy:


How do you do overlays?


You delete the background to an object


Using photoshop


I could help if no one else has the job :smile:

Here are some of my works:





Hi! Are you still interested?!
I may need a title and few splashes! Xx


Of course- I’d love to!!


I just need all the information you want on every different splashes/title.
Along with your information, I need to know these things for the title:
•Do you want your author name on it? if so, what is it?
•Title of the story
•If you want any social media tags on it (example= Instagram: abygail.bauman)
•Do you want any characters on it? If so, I need this:
1. Picture of character(s)
(optional: picture of character doing specific animation)
1. Structure of character(s) (example= eyes:upturned bold and blue)
2. Outfit of character(s) (example= top:Tank Striped Crop Top Cotton Red Rose)
3. Style (Limelight, INK, or Classic)
(optional: specific animations for each character)
•Colors to use:
•Colors to avoid:
•(optional: specific background- picture or description)

And for the splashes, tell me what it needs to say and all the information above
Thank youuuu for giving me the chance :smile: