Need an urgent overlay? COME HERE ! Done in 10-20 minutes (If i'm online) - [ONLINE]


If you need an urgent overlay, come here! I can do it has you want and I can do everything! If you don’t like it, I’ll adapt it to make sure you do!
Give me …
1)The description
2)The background
3) 10-20 minutes (if i’m online)

And I’ll make it for you as fast as I can for free. You just have to give me the credits :slight_smile:
Sometimes, it may take longer because i’m not there but habitually, i’m there around 4pm ! :slight_smile:

Instagram : averyp_episode

Thank You!


Could you make me a blood overlay?? Like it’s POV is like it’s on the floor?


yeah ok give me 5-10 minutes, but you mean like a puddle of blood?


Yes, ma’am. Thanks SO MUCH!!!


Can you tell me what background you are using so I can adjust the size and see if it’s like on the floor?


Yes, hold on.



Would this be okay? I’m going to put it in an overlay format after is the size is okay


Yes, this would be great!! Two puddles for two people are JUST what I need!! Thanks. And yes if you could give me the scale, that would be nice. Also, could I have the overlay by itself as a PNG??


Yes that was what I was going to give You XD! I do not have the scale since i did it on World but it’s going to be the same size ! :slight_smile:




Give me about 5-10 more minutes and im done




OK i’m done sorry for de delay


No, no, it’s fine!! Thanks!


So there’s a little bit of white aroung but when you put the background we don’t seee it ! I hope you like it :slight_smile:


It’s okay.


Hi! I’m making a front cover for someone and I need a bus overlay. I hope that you are able to make this! thanks, M.TPineapple. :wink::+1::grin::grinning:


yep sure


Can you give e the “cover”/ background that you are using, to make sure it is good?