Need and overlay

Hey, guys, can anybody make a memorial overlay like this

With these two characters in the photo frame

With a teddy bear holding a card saying “We Miss You”
I would really appreciate it and will give you credit on insta


Episode Wonder would love to help!

Tysm :sweat_smile::heart:

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@Sayanjali_Rizvi @Raybadem do you think you could help with this?

Do you need it by a certain date?

No, you can be done anytime

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Okay, we’ll get it to you as soon as we can! :sparkles:

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Sure, I would love to help :slight_smile:


I’ll get it as soon as possible


Do you want the background in the photo frame or just the two characters?

And do you want the Teddy bear next to the photo frame and as a separate overlay?

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Yeah the teddy bear can be next to the photo but I want to keep this as an all-in-one overlay

And only just the two character can be in the photo

I can help with any other overlays you need or backgrounds - @Jasmine_X_Episode