Need any art scenes,splashes,pfp etc. I got you

Here are some of my art pieces


They look great have you been drawing for a long time?

Can you do me an art scene? Lizzi1296?

Sort of

Yes just send me you character details

You can send them to me through instagram if you have it mine is @lizzie_episode_

my ig is janette.writes

its a new account

Can I also request an art scene? Do you do limelight as well or it could be drawn like your 5th and 7th example?

@Sunset_Shimmer I hardly do limelight but I could try

Okay. My Instagram is @angelic_lynn.episode. It’s pretty late right now so I’ll send the details sometime tomorrow. If you don’t think you’ll be able to do it, that’s totally fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do what all do you need for the art scenes

I have temporarely closed this topic to catch up on the art i promised to make as most of the are in limelight and i hardly do limelight it will take a while and right now im doing art for 5 people


Some might take longer than others because as I said I dont normally do limelight art so once i finish delivering everyone there art i will reopen for requests


Thank you!!! once again Much appreciated really :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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OMG ty Lizzie :heart::blue_heart:

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here are the information
i am sending you two options you can do both/ or one (can you please try to draw them?)
option 1:
first chahacter:male

water drops are going down on his body (only on abs)
still option one
female chachacter

blue dress(short frills blue dress)
shoes (blue holiday sequin heels)
earrings:circle dangle
how do you draw them plotted?
the girl is on the left side and the guy is on the right side with those hairs,outfits and poses
backround :EXT.KITCHEN-DAY
thank you so much!!
Now second option
this kid and this guy (theyre fighting)
the kid photo

only shorts
the guy is the same:

and backround:INT.LIVING ROOM-DAY
also just tell me if theres something more

the guy for got to put it

Would you like the first one to be the girl looking at the guy in a towel in the bathroom and him winking or what type of background would you lile

And for the seccond one is the fighting scene going to be in an alley or where so I can know what to put in the background

(on the first one)backround: bathroom:image theyre here on the mirror zone
and the second backround for the fighting place

the first (picture)guy is on the right side and the second (picture)guy on the left

Can’t wait to see mine