Need Any Covers or Background? I'm your girl! (CLOSED)

Depends, do you use a computer or labtop?


Oh, sorry, for asking, but to answer your question, I use Paint 3D on the computer!

Ok thanks though!. By the way… do you do overlays?

Hi, can you make a story cover for me?
The story’s title is Double Identities.
In the cover I need two girls behind their backs. Their details are:
Hair: beach wave black
Face: oval
Brows: sed. arch
Eyes: upt. feline blue
Nose: upturned
Mouth: full round bubblegum pink
skin: INK Female honey

She is wearing Pink Belted Sweater Dress and Pink Bow Fur Booties
Pose: idle_awkward

The details are the same except the hair color (platinum blonde) and eye color (purple)

She is wearing Black Studded Bustier, Thigh High Boots (Black) and Black Short Pencil Skirt

Pose: talk_preen

The background should be black and the authors name is Liza B.

Possibly, yes. I can do one for you. By only you. i am really busy, so I can’t do others, but how can i help?

Yes, honey, I can, but what do you mean behind their backs?

I’d like an overlay where there is a phone and on the screen there is an instagram (or just the layout of instagram) post and where you write a caption can it say
" Well, what do we have here? "
And where there is supposed to be a picture it should be empty.
I hope this isn’t out if your editing comfort zone!

sorry english is not my first language. You know umm… back to back…

So you want an empty post, and you want the caption of that post to be, “Well, what do we have here?” correct?

Yes, I can do yours. When do you need this?

Yes correct! As an overlay!

When do you need this?

Anytime comfortable for you!
But maybe before the end of next week?

im not in a rush. you can do it when you are free. Im still writing my story and im waiting for a cover so …

okay. I’ll try to do the ones that need it the most, but I bet yours will be easy, so I can try to make yours today, and get it done in like 45 minutes. Is that okay?

I’ll try to make it tonight, I may go very my time, because at 7 I have people to work with. So I may get yours done, by 7, is that okay?

Yeah thats perfect thank you so much. you are a lifesaver <3

your welcome!

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I’ll PM you when finished.