Need ANY help? Get help with any questions you have!

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Thanks, @Apes :blush: But does that mean I have to put write to chapters in one episode so I can label them?


How do I code a customized name for the MC and the customized love interest?
If I let the characters choose their own name how do I code?
If I also let them choose their love interests name how do I code?


If I was to use a template for CC, and I wanted limited customization, do I just delete the category we don’t want customized?


Yes, put them labels in episode you want your readers to skip

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Here’s the thread that will help you :slight_smile:


Yes, also all labels and goto’s and the option from the menu :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :hugs::hugs:


If you need more help with it PM me :slight_smile:

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I more than likely will, lol


Understood. Thanks again, @Apes :smile:


I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. So I know how to let the player customize characters, but I don’t know how to get the name that they typed in to show up on the screen instead of their script name showing. Like, I tested it out on my phone, and when I typed this into the script

This is where it all started…

The name I chosen on my phone (Emma) while I was testing my story did not show up for who was saying it, the script name MAINCHARACTER showed up. Please help me!!
Also since I did the character customization template, once I make a second episode, will the customization the reader made in episode 1 stick in episode 2 or do I have to do some lines of code to transition the character they made onto the next episode, and if so what is it?


If you want a name to appear everywhere, the display name and the script name has to be the same,

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (MAINCHARACTER)

And don’t worry customization will be remembered for the whole story (it’s just not working on the Web Preview.)

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Oh my god thank you so much!! On the format thing instead of saying MAINCHARACTER it said FIRSTNAME you are an absolute lifesaver!!

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Also this is not really a question about coding but, do you know of any custom episode background creators that I can turn to for my cover? (I promise I will give credit to whoever you suggest every episode if you suggest anybody) If so let me know.
And you know how in episode stories that little rectangle thing pops up at the top, how do I get that in my story?


Check this list from here, you can always ask by texting them on Instagram :slight_smile:

For a pop up message:

readerMessage your message here


Thanks so much!!


So I’m a little unsure of props vs. overlays…I just wanted to know, why am I getting this message??


Props are the part of your character (when you add them)

You have a list of props on the right side under animations and script templates

Write a command in separate line:
@add Sheet Paper White to COLT

If you want to remove it:
@remove Sheet Paper White from COLT

More about props:


Okay, thank you! I’m still running into the same script error when I put that command on a separate line.