Need ANY help? Get help with any questions you have!

Oh my god thank you so much!! On the format thing instead of saying MAINCHARACTER it said FIRSTNAME you are an absolute lifesaver!!

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Also this is not really a question about coding but, do you know of any custom episode background creators that I can turn to for my cover? (I promise I will give credit to whoever you suggest every episode if you suggest anybody) If so let me know.
And you know how in episode stories that little rectangle thing pops up at the top, how do I get that in my story?

Check this list from here, you can always ask by texting them on Instagram :slight_smile:

For a pop up message:

readerMessage your message here

Thanks so much!!

So I’m a little unsure of props vs. overlays…I just wanted to know, why am I getting this message??

Props are the part of your character (when you add them)

You have a list of props on the right side under animations and script templates

Write a command in separate line:
@add Sheet Paper White to COLT

If you want to remove it:
@remove Sheet Paper White from COLT

More about props:

Okay, thank you! I’m still running into the same script error when I put that command on a separate line.

Can you copy and paste your script here?

@COLT stands upscreen right AND COLT faces left THEN COLT read_paper_neutral
@add Sheet Paper White to COLT

Or did you need the screenshot?

Add a prop first :slight_smile:

@add Sheet Paper White to COLT
@COLT stands upscreen right AND COLT faces left THEN COLT is read_paper_neutral

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OMG!!! Can I just hire you to script/code my story?? Lol…I swear I’m in love with my story…the directing, overlays & camera zooms?? Not so much lol…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

I’m afraid, I’m too busy for that, but thank you :two_hearts:

But you can always PM me if you have a problem with anything :smile:

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Thank you so much! :relaxed::hugs::star_struck:

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How do I make the camera follow my character?

&pan to zone ___
@CHAR walks to _________ in zone ____

If I do a scene change (like for instance, I had my character sitting in a specific spot, then changed the scene to her phone), and I wanted to go back to original scene with her sitting, how do I do that??

Hey , i am fairley new to writing in episode and i have seen other people do this but i have no clue how to do it

Its like a narrator text box but intead instead it has the characters name at the top
i am clueless as to what to do


Thank you !!! :blush: