Need any words translated to Russian or Spanish? Click here!

Hello everyone! I speak Russian and Spanish, and a lot of people need translating into these languages for their stories… So here I am! If you need any words or sentences translated into Spanish or Russian, pm me or reply to this post! I really want to help and sometimes the translator gives us the wrong translation. If you doubt me, Russian is my first language, English is my second, and I have been in a Spanish school since I was 4


This is super nice of you! I know a lot of writers rely on google translate which obviouslt isn’t ideal :sunflower:


I may write you in the future! I’m Russian but I grew up in America so my cases are awful :sob: :heart:


Okay:) I will be glad if you write to me in the future :relaxed:


Moved to General Chat since this is not about story creation. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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What Is: was gonna go

In Spanish or Russian?

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iba a ir

I might require your services in the near future. Bookmarked. :eyes:

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You are more than welcomem to pm me or reply here! :eyes: :relaxed:

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Oh thas my name wid out the h at the front and at the end my name is hibah btw

I got another question also what does porta mean I’ve heard kids in my Spanish class say it

You mean “no importa”?

Yh I think

It means doesn’t matter

or never mind

Oh but their was a word which ment female dog or prostitute

puta? or perra?

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Oh okay tysmmmmmmmm