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Hello everyone. I have a question for mak-ing a story. So this is my first story but I am redo-ing it again because the last time- I did it was in 2017 and I don’t like.

But I want to know be-cause I’m curious if readers will read a story that has maybe like 20 episodes or lower?

Or better - yet what’s the lowest chapters you would read and the highest chapters?


Hey! I think it all depends on the story because I couldn’t read a story with like 15 episodes because it didn’t catch my attention but some stories with even 50+ episodes are SO worth reading that you can’t help but stick till the finale. So don’t worry about it as this is really about preferences and taste. I believe that you may write as many episodes as you want.
P. S. Just my opinion.

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Thank - you very much for your honesty :heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! I would read a story with 20 episodes or less. I sometimes like shorter stories since I don’t always read that often and it’s easier to binge shorter stories lol.

But, overall, I don’t mind how many chapters a story has. I probably wouldn’t start a story once it has over 30 chapters, but if I started and gradually read as it surpassed 30 chapters, that wouldn’t make me stop reading.

It’s up to you though and how your story flows! :blob_hearts:


Hi honestly I would give any story length . I normally read longer stories though as well as completed stories or some that have another season to it .

It also depends to be honest you can have a long story that sucks people in and it great or sometimes you can have a long story that is just dragged out gets tiring after a while . Short storys are alright but some seem to be a bit rushed at times too but I mean you can also do a long short story that has a small amount but the read time it longer .
It just depends on the author , reader , and the plot/story line and if you can make it longer or shorter with still grasping the audience .

Hope this helps out !

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Thank - you! I really appreciate it :heart::blush:

I see thank- you always :heart::blush:
And yes this helps me thanks again :heart::blush:

Lowest is 3 (minimum) most is maybe 30…depends on the genre tbh

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Oki! Thnks

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