Need art cover Asap

I would be hella grateful to anyone who would do an art cover for me please​:upside_down_face:, if your interested could you send some images of your previous art and I will let you know if your style matches my theme, :slight_smile:again I would be EXTREMELY grateful. :innocent: you could check out my story in the app if you want to see what my current cover looks like it’s called the mafias possession by Bambiexox

Your post is in the wrong section! It is supposed to be in the art resources

Oh crap thank you :joy::joy:

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This should be in the Art Resources category.

Oh thank you for that :joy:

Um… I may be able to do your cover depending on the amount of characters and what you would prefer

2 characters but I’m looking for a specific style, if your still interested could you send some examples of your work please

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okay, I’ll get some examples… I’ll have some in a couple of hours I have a work in progress right now

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Ok :slightly_smiling_face:

You should move it to the Art Resources category :wink:

What’s in that category?

I don’t make art, but there is this amazing thread with tones of different and unique artists who do!

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Thank you :blush: I really appreciate it

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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Sydney did it for you @Bambiexox :joy: