Need art cover fast

I really need art cover fast since the one who working with me have to do other stuff and they really busy, and the other one who make splash with me doesn’t reply to me whenever I’m chat with them…
so I really need someone make me a big + small cover right now.

I can try!

can u show me some of your work?



your pic are very beautiful, but is not the type that sui my type I’m looking for :(( sorry…

It’s ok :blush:

but your pic are really pretty ^^ It just my story need a different type of art :(( maybe next time, okay?

Thank you! And maybe next time!

do u think u could make me a sound one?

Thank you!

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okay, I will send u a detail

I will check your thread later <3

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@phutrantrantrantran The_Art_Sisters can help you!

I can