Need art cover for my friend


hi so my friend wants a cover for her story and she wanted me to post this cause she doesn’t really get on the episode forms but anyways if anyone is interested then people don’t be afraid to ask!

here are the details of her characters :blush:

you can change their outfits if you like, she wants a small and large cover NO SPLASH!

you can position them however you want.!


I would love to help…


I just need the title of the story and author name please… you can pm me and I’ll get on the right away… they will be done later today


her story is The life of jenna and Gemma and her name is tina but you could use @tinabear313


Ft it creative the characters now


Do you by Chance know anything more abt the characters? Like their personality?? I would love to make their clothes match their personality


And if I could please refer the genre of the story to get an idea for the background that would be wonderful


I’m not sure about their personality but I will ask her, and I think it’s romance,drama, and fantasy all in one.


THanks… I will get to looking for a background


Okay :grinning:


When will you be done with the cover?:blush:


Later today… I just got home so I’m working on it now… shouldn’t be too long


Okay :blush:


I have one more character to make and the background it find… :grin:


Alrighty :grin::blush:


Do you know what poses she wants???


Once I know that it will only take about 30 mins as long as nothing happens


She said you could do any pose just make them look cute :blush:


Ok… are any of them I need a relationship with another???


I found a few backgrounds which 2 do you think she will like out of these