Need Art cover story

Ask if there any artist who would like to do it for you.Name Riley Charlotte
GENRE Mystery
Kidnapping love
Skin Tone Toffee
Brow straight bold
Hair long dreadlocks black
Eye classic round color for his Eye purple.
Face cade
Nose bottom
Lips uneven Toffee.
Outfit boat shoe basic leather brown
Jean begging wrinkle
Denim camel yellow
Henley long sleeve gotten green Olive.

Skin Tone Toffee
Bow soft Angled
Hair braids updo dark brown
Eye blue slender
Face soft hearts
Nose soft Neutral
Lips classic Rudy reds
Outfit white Mary Janes
Keys necklaces
Pink Fashionista dress

I have a art shop if you need a cover, art or anything!

Yes need cover Art cover thank you

Can you do kidnapping love cover photo

Omg yeah i can that would look so awesome!

Do you have an example or no?

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Yes I do have exmple.

Okay let me see it and i can get started

Name Riley
Bow straight bold
Hair long dreadlocks color black
Eye classic round color purple
Face cade
Nose bottom
Lip uneven color Toffee
Kidnapping love.

Do you have a picture of a cover example. Like an example of what you would want your cover to look like or no?

I don’t have no cover photo can you help me out cover photo. Let you come with ideal.

Sure i got you!

Can you kidnapping love with man on and woman it


Thank you😊

Do you want the girl to be in a chair with rope around her. And the guy behind her?

No problem!

Yes I do that be good thank you

No problem i will have it done very soon.

Thank you for help me out.