Need art for cover page please!

Hi im looking for someone to help me with the art for my cover page, will give credit to the artist

I would like the pose to look some what like this

Heres what the female character looks like.

And heres what the male looks like

The background can just be white, Thank you :blush:

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Hey I think I can make you a cover.

Oh ok cool take as much time as you need.

Could you send the character details and outfits you want

Yeah sorry it took me so long to reply.

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Details (female)
Body color: Rose 01
Eyebrows: Arched thin high (ginger red)
Hair: Messy sock bun (ginger red)
Eyes: Deepest almond (blue green)
Face: diamond
Mouth: full round flat top skin (pink peach medium gloss)
Clothes: vneck strap polyester neutral white, chained patterned gold choker hoop metal cold, leaf motir double hanging earrings metal gold.

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Details (Male)
Body color: Gold 02
Eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Hair: tousled lose curls long (brunette brown)
Eyes: narrow almond deep smiling (blue green)
Face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard
Nose: grecian narrow
Mouth: medium heart ( beige deep neutral)
Clothes: button up rolled up sleeves tucked cotton yellow cream shirt

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It’s ok, I’ll get started on this soon. What’s the name of your story?

Ok thank you. I dont have a name for it yet still working on it.

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