Need art? I do everything you need! (open)


Hi there,

As promised my new art requesting topic!
I decided to make a form, to make it look neater.
CLICK here to go to the requesting form
I will accept requests on this topic but to make sure it will stay clean I preffer you sending a personal message!
Of course you can tell that you have entered a form
Of course I have examples:
CLICK here to go to a powerpoint with examples
If I am online. I will send you a message as soon as possible after I have got your answers on the form, in general that will take at most 10 minutes!
Credit to my instagram @jasmijnepisode or @jassie12dw on this forum!


Listen up!
I don’t like being played with, so if you request please only request at my thing, nowhere else.
If you don’t like what I made, don’t go to the next art shop and let someone else make it all over again. I can handle you not being happy, I will just work on it untill you are actually 100% happy with the result!
Because of people who do any of both I am about to quit with making art!
If I find out anyone does any of the 2 things again, I think that will be the point where I am gonna say, I quit! So you guys are warned!


I will give an example (I will put no names because I don’t want to give people a bad name)
I made a cover (through my team) and when it was done the customer said it was ‘really perfect’, so I thought, that’s done, untill I just got online again.
I was tagged in a message of a art shop and I was just scrolling through that topic when I saw the newest thing that creator has made was for that person who I made it for.
Hold on, There is a new update…
I just got a message from that person where she says she is really sorry, requested at the other persons one first and didn’t want to hut the feelings of the other person because she didn’t liked it, but I just don’t know what to belief anymore…


I am opening again, but for 2/3 days only!


Still open (and bored :joy:)!


Can you make an character edit for me?


Sure, if you send me the details! Oh wait, you were the one that requested on my form without leaving your name?


yeah that was me :sparkles:


Do you still need it? Then I will be done in 20 min!


i still need it :sparkles:


What should the color of the crop top be?


something simpel, mabye black, grey or white. You can chose.


Sorry, it takes a little longer! I will be adding the background right now! After that I am done!


No problem, take the time you need :heart:



Thank you so much, is it possible to add something’s? :sparkles:


Yeah! Of course!


Can you add the text “written by @storiesbygabi
Above the character, in black? And is it possible to make the hair more black? :star2:


Sure! I will need about 15 minutes!


Thanks :heart: