Need Art Lessons!


What I would love to be able to do is create realistic art, but I don’t really know how. I am looking for someone to give me some lessons!
~Katie x


hi! im open to help if you would like! the apps i use are mainly adobe draw & ibis paint. i’ll send you some of the art ive done (keep in mind they’re not amazing but i tried lol)

let me know specifically want you want to learn


That’s really good! I know some stuff about ibis paint, but I want to know whether you do it I phone or iPad or something or computer?
If it’s on computer, I don’t know anything so I need to start at step 1 :joy:


Hey! I could help you if you want :blush: , just let me know what you want help in. This is an example of my art:


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I use IbisPaint X on my Iphone :slight_smile:


Wow that looks really good! When is the best time for you because I’m available for around 2 hours from now




Can you give me a tutorial and @hitzy as well
You guys arts are really awesome!


Would you like me to create a group with 3 of us so we can get focused on or separate?


I can help too? Lana recommended me


Okay :slightly_smiling_face: What do you use?


IbisPaint X


Okay, phone or computer?




Okay :joy: I use that as well but I only Colour on it so I need a lot of help :slightly_smiling_face:


We can all help! They’re great artists, I’ve seen their work


Okay :slightly_smiling_face: Do you think I should create a group with all of us? :thinking:


Yeah sure!


I think it’s a cool idea to creat a group! Do you chicks have instagram?




If you’re creating a group can I possibly join aswell? :relaxed: