Need Art? Maybe I can help

Okay so I’ve started doing a ton of basic digital art and would love any suggestions to practice my skills. I’ll try get them done as best as I can and as soon as I can.

(If you want art from me you have to credit me as Writemyfanfiction on episode)

Here are some examples of digital painting/photoshopping that I have done in the past:






Hold up, so u drew the 1st example completely by yourself?!?! It’s gorg <33

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thanks :slight_smile:

The meaning of human one and the tangled inside one are also both drawn by me. The others are photo shop

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Hey do you think you could make me an art scene?

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Sure, I’ll try! What do you want done :smiley:

I’ll send over the details now!

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LL or Ink – (LL)

  • Character Details-
Girls Details

Skin: neutral 06
Brow: Arched Natural (Deep Brown)
Hair: Straight Medium (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (Hazel)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Medium Nude Matte)
Outfit: Cupid Dress Cotton Red Cherry
Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver
Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black

Guy Details

Skin: Rose 04
Brow: Straight Medium Scar (Black Jet)
Hair: Medium Side Curls (Black Jet)
Eyes: Male Generic (Ice Blue)
Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Button Round
Lips: Medium Straight Natural (Rose Light Nude Matte)
Black Ribbed Leather Jacket Open
Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Black
Muscle Shirt Short Sleeves Swoopneck grey
Tribal Arm Tattoo
Nose Stud Silver

  • Background (Non-Copyrighted)
  • Pose: Can the girl be leaning against the wall and looking tired and can the guy be rear
  • Special effects needed? Can the background be blurred out so you can only see the girl
  • Story Theme (Romantic Comedy)
  • Anything additional?
    Can it be drawn :blush:
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could you send me images/screenshots of the characters (that would save me time :D)
also do you want the boy not blurred or blurred? Do you have a specific location idea for the background or a reference photo to draw based off?

Sorry for asking for so much stuff lol :blush:

also when would you like it done by? Any specific time requirements? I’ll try do as fast as possible but just curious

thats ok can the boy be burred out and ill send the background and can it be in zone 2 of the background.



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I don’t mind you can take your time :heart:

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Thanks, is it possible to get a full body screenshot of both? (sorry I’m picky)

Yep one sec

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Is that ok?

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Thanks so much! That’s perfect! I’ll have it back to you as soon as possible okay?

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Thank you so much :heat:

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The edits you made are really pretty!

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Can you make people like the first picture? If yes, can I see some examples?

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That picture took me a week to draw lol and I only learned how to use the software this year so I haven’t done to much drawing of people yet. I do a lot of non digital drawing of that sort of stuff though. It’s kinda the same thing but digital. I can show you examples of non digital drawings of people I’ve done if you like? I dunno, I can probably draw most things if I have a lot of time and a really good reference pic

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