Need art pointers... PLZ HELP!

Hi I’ve just started a new art style for me and I need pointers before carrying on cause I don’t know whoever it is good
Plz critisise away even if you think it’s bad tell me and why don’t think ur being meen bring it on


Calling any more artists

I’m gonna do other pieces so I need to know if the shading or anything needs to improve

You could make the hair more realistic by adding “hair strands” to it rather than just add a few lines, this takes a lot of time but it is doable. As well as some “loose hair strands” which mean that they don’t follow the inital flow of the hair.

You could also add more depth to the iris, as yours only has one colour, you could maybe darken the inner parts, as well as the outer ring. You should also add a tear duct because that part of the eye kinda looks awkward.

The colouring is a little messy, I suggest you use layers so you could colour in your things easier without having to worry of overlapping your outline.

There should be more shadow around the lips, as well as the nose, and also the eyes. The lids should have more depth to it so it looks more “pressed in”.

The eyelashes need to have a thinner end, so it goes from thick to thin.
You could add some shadow under the lashes on the eyes. Add some faint “veins” on the eyes if you’d like to get that more realistic effect.

The inside of the mouth should also be darker, like a dark red.

I generally do like your art piece, but it could always use some improvement.


Where have you been all my life lol I’m doing that right now and I’ll send it when I’m done

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What colour hair strands

@Sanityyy should I make them black

I would make them a little bit darker color than the original one

And my only comment for your art would be that you could make the eyelashes a little bit longer.
Btw your art is amazing.

Thx so shall I do hair lines in black thsi is what I’ve got so far with shading
Do you have any art examples I can see for eyelashesimage

Here are two of my latest art work, and hopefully you can see the eyelashes there

They are great how is this I tried adding strands to eyebrows to

That looks good, but one more thing from me.
I would add more lines in to the eyes

Ye to add more definition i might set opacity down for them

And if you don’tt want to I totally understand because that is just a comment.

No I really appreciate any critisism I really need it

Thats exactly what I meant

The eyelashes are off you can see some attached to the eyeliner and they are very short and the lower lashes aren’t at the eyes but good job

You could do a little bit more shading on the face. But I think it looks amazing.

I think I could help , what do you need ?