Need art scene ASAP


Hello to all artists, I need an art scene fast I’ve been looking for art threads everywhere but they seem to be busy so if one of u art scene artists do one for me, I will make sure to credit u


@Chocolate_Mama! She needs a Netty and Betty!


I know you’re all good at art, so maybe one of you could help her?


Thx so much for the tag


I CAN hfidhskw


Awwww you to sweet I’m actually doing some drawn covers so I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the art scene




I know you can! That’s exactly y I tagged u!


Thaaankks for the tag,


who can help me?


So u can help me?


Episod Creativity can!


I want like realistic art in ink characters if that helps one of u guys who helps


Of course what would you like again?


Ohhh wait real artwork?


Can u show me an example of an art scene u made please?


Oh she was just joking I don’t really do art work like that.


So u don’t do art scenes or realistic art?


No sorry


Hello, I’ve only done an art scene once. But do you want it drawn like an actual person? Or as an episode character?