Need art scene created (Must look realistic)

Hi lovely episoden people!! I’m looking for an artist who is willing to create an art scene for me!
We will discuss everything on private message as well :slight_smile:


Check this out for an art shop that suits you

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It’s extremely difficult to find somebody who want to do that.

I’ve been looking for somebody to do the same thing for me for almost two years


Hello. I’m an artist and I can try to do art scene for you. If you’re interested, text me please. Here’s my Instagram @janeepisode

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I cant find your instagram

Maybe I can find yours?


I can do semi-realistic art scenes, though I have to admit I’m much better at drawing faces than bodies.

Can you show me examples please?

I’ve realized that for awhile, have you found anyone?

Not really

I’m still looking as I have lots of stories and I know that a lot of artist are extremely busy

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And the face I promised I was better at.


They look really amazing :wink:

I am available to do stuff, but not like, loads of art scenes. :sweat_smile:
And as long as you’re willing to share all your ideas and scene details with me.

What are your stories girl?

Your art is amazing :heart_eyes::sob:


That would be amazing

Is it ok if you send me a message either on the fourm or my IG is mafiastar.episode and I’ll explain it to you further

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Of course! Ill message you on Instagram!

My ig is @crackedcharcoal , if you wanted to message me there.

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Depending on your time frame and if you are willing to pay commissions, then I might be able to fit you on my list, you can see examples of my work on my instagram @cheyara_episode58