Need art scene fast


I would like an art done for a special art scene asap please.
Also, you can make the characters wear whatever as it will be a art scene of a flashback memory.
Thanks in advance. You can put your IG name or episode name in the corner of the photo please so I can rememeber who did the art.
I would like the art scene to be with the background of being at a park with the family of three really happy. This will be a flashback art Scene in my story. Needed ASAP please and thanks in advance.
Photos attached below
Sante (the pregnant character)
Hairstyle: Diva Curls
Skin Color: Umber
Lips: Blossom Lips
Lip color: Bordeaux
Hair color: Fawn
Brows: Seductive Arch
Eye: Sloping Classic
Eye color: Blue
Nose: Grecian
Face: Oval


I also would like another art scene done with the woman winking at the guy,
Photos attached below.
NEED IT IN two weeks tops so it can get approved and I can move through with the next chapter.


This is something I’ll needfor three chapters later and I’m just thinking ahead. I’m forgetful.