Need Art Scene Partner


Hey! I’m looking for someone to make me art scenes long term for my story (God’s Daughter)
Prefreably experienced and advanced.
Examples will be needed and I am unable to pay but I hope to hear from you
Credit will be given!


I can make female ones!


Thank you for your response but i’m looking for people who can do multiple people male and female. I appreciate the help tho!


If you need someone, I can help! Would you like me to PM you some examples?


Yes please !


Just keep in mind that I’m not the best but I try my best!


I will!


I can me an @kennedy11 have a art group!


I could help you i can do make and female but it seems you have alot male*


Thank you for your response may I see examples ?




sorry I was looking for exsamples I have…:sweat_smile: still looking…