Need art scene, somebody can help? IMPORTANT

Hi hi! I need art scene to my polish episode, and I need it ASAP! ITS REALLY IMPORTANT! Of course I will credit you in my story and I will Say a few good words about you hahaah :joy: And Ibthink when I credit you, people in Poland will know you! Just think, you will be famous in Poland hahaha, just kidding. Okay so. I need two people on the cliff, one person is hanging and the other is trying to keep his hand so that he does not Fall. The boy is hanging, the girl is holding him.
Both have tears in their eyes. Generally, the boy will fall, so their faces are really sąd. Just imagine this :joy:
Details boy:
Hair Pomoadour
Hair Color Fawn
Body color Honey
Nose Roman
Face shape Defined Triangle
Mouth Smirk
Mouth Color Taupe
Eyes Gentle Almond
Brow Thin Arch

Details girl:
Skin Tone Caramel
Eyes Upturned Feline
Eyes color Taupe
Mouth Full
Mouth Color Dark
Brow Mature Round
Face shape Oval
Hair Beach Wave
Hair color Black

Outfit girl and boy

I can check out my art thread on my account if you still need

Yeah, you can check

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