*need art scene*

I need a art scene please if thats possible
I would love if you sent the scene on this post

  • Background: choose one that you like
  • Text: not needed
  • Style: Limelight
  • Art: Drawn, Realistic
  • Characters: 2

skin: rose 00
eyebrows: arched thin high/honey blonde
hair: medium curly solid/lt pink
eyes: round downturned wide /aqua blue
face: Heart Soft
nose: Defined Neutral
lips: small heart/hot pink matte

skin: rose 00
eyebrows: male generic/platinum blonde
hair: Medium Side Curls/platinum blonde
eyes: Oval wide/aqua blue
face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Grecian Narrow
lips:full heart natuaral/peach matte

girl outfit:

boy outfit:

the girl is siting on the boy while the boy lays down in the bed


Hey u can‘t duplicate topics u already made one a few hours ago @Sydney_H,@Jeremy or @Nick close this. And I don‘t draw limelight sorry:(

That’s the topic u made before

Hi @hanna_epi :wave:

Thanks for the assist! I just went ahead and checked all the threads created by Op @Celia_Episode and can confirm that this is not a duplicate thread and she asks for different requests on each thread created. In the future feel free to flag any thread or post that you feels violates the forum rules and the team will take care of it asap. Thanks again! :yay:

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Hi @Nick

thanks for standing up for this
I really appreciate it😘

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