Need art scenes/covers

Hey guys I’m looking for someone that can do art (covers, art scenes) for my stories!
I’m willing to pay 25-120 gems depending on the quality of the art.
Let me know if you’re interested, please provide examples :smile:


Hey I’m in an art shop and I’m sure some people would like to help you. Just read everything

Thank you but Im looking for drawn covers/art scenes and it seems like you guys only make edited ones

Oh sorry but someone from my shop might be willing to help you if the request isn’t too complicated also we do them for free

I am open


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Your art is lovely but unfortunately not the type im looking for, i do apologise :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi there!!
Hope we can work together :heart:

Hi, @c4t . if you are still looking for arts, here are some of my examples


If you are interested please PM me here or on Instagram (@ankita_illustrates)