Need Art Scenes for free!

Hey there I have started to write a new story and I wanted someone who would supervise free art scenes ! I would have paid for the art scenes but I do not have money
Pm me if you want to do it for free

Story type: Limelight
Description female : Body= Female Atheletic
Skin tone= Neutral 3
Brow= Arched natural
Hairstyle = Long wavy down princess braid
Hair colour= Black
Eye shape = Deepset false lashes smokey eyes
Eye colour = Green Emerald
Face shape = Diamond defined contour
Nose shape = Defined natural
Lip shape = Full Round Pouty
Lip colour = Red deep matte

Description Male: Body = Male Atheletic
Brow = Arched medium
Skin tone = Copper 4
Hair = Slicked back side shaved tousled
Hair colour = Black
Eye shape = Deepset downturned lidded
Eye colour = Hazel
Face shape = Chiseled angular
Nose shape = Hooked grecian
Lip shape = Full heart neutral
Lip colour = Biege deep neutral

Thank you and have a good day and night

Instagram account : @mel.writes_epi
Name : Mel

U can try art shops Here this link

Hey! you can request it in art shops for example


There is also a giveaway

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If u go under her profile it has art shops

thank u

Do they do a cover art as well ?

Do they do a cover art ?

Yeah, some of them.
You can check there abilities to be sure

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I tried the link but the artist said she was busy and couldn’t do it

Hey there if you still need the cover i can do it (edited)

Thank u for asking but somebody has already done it for me . SORRY!

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