Need art scenes for my story :)


I’m currently writing a story about a girl who disappeared, it’s a thriller / drama genre. :blush:
And I need someone who could make the final scene of my story. This is a really important scene (because it will lead to another story :wink: ).
If someone wants to do it for me, I’m not the type pressed people so there is no problem if you are not connected every day (myself I’m not :sweat_smile: ).

Anyway I’m looking for someone who could make me an art scene, a bit like in “Loving Latino” Hope moon …
Otherwise I’m open to all proposals and ready to see your examples :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time to read this and thank you to those who will propose and the person who will do it for me ^^ :heart:


Hey saw your thread and I could just leave without saying hey but I will of love too do it but I’m taking a break from art scenes cuz it takes up too much of my time but good luckin finding some one :heart::sparkling_heart::heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Thank you :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your welcome hunn


If you know someone who would do this tell me :heart:


Okay not sure what exactly you looking for but I’ll tag some ppl @shonana @Chesirekitten101 @Killerfrost @MadisonW @QueenMilii @StoryWriter10… I think they’ll be great with art scenes


Thank you so much I appreciate :heart:


Sure no hunn anytime


I couldn’t do it today I can try tomorrow! I can show you some examples tomorrow, too. :grin:


Whoop! Watch a need sis?


Yeah I would love to see your examples thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah do you have examples ? :slight_smile: (where were you? it’s like you never online when I am)


I’m on a different phone soooo.


no problem don’t worry :slight_smile:


Hehe lol. Girl you live…somewhere where I don’t live! Sope!

Ya want a realistic art scene or an episode charector type art?


I can try and get some though.


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I can try, I’ve been editing since 2 weeks now so I don’t have much.



If you can send me both? ^^ because I don’t really know which will look better :slight_smile:

Yeah I know ^^


I love it, I’m waiting for @Killerfrost examples and I will tell you who I choose :slight_smile: