Need art scenes

i need a art scenes for my new story with @KatieI
so if u r interested plz help us out
its a romantic story
and we want u to draw different scenes as per the situation
i need someone to draw an art scene based on these characters either the first 2 or the last 2

You might want to include more details about the art scenes you need :smiley:

ok well i will put the pictures of the charecters
is that enough ??

image.jpg310x650 68.7 KB

image.jpg310x650 60.8 KB

these 2 r the main charecters

image.jpg310x650 62 KB

image.jpg310x650 56 KB

these 2 r the others

I think what was meant about more details was things likeโ€ฆ
What you want it to look like, e.gโ€ฆ their poses (what will they be doing in the art scene)
Whether itโ€™s INK or LL
If you want it realistic style