Need assistance >.<

Hai I’m still working on a story currently on first chapter/episode so the thing is,

I made a choice for outfits. and there’s
3-4 options.

An example, a player chose option 3

so how do i uhm, get my character to wear a chosen outfit? since" idk what they chose"

sorry my explanation is… eh… yeah.

PS anyone wanna partner up with me in writing this? cause I’m new and I might need your guides,advice or ideas that could help with my stories! >,<


For a character to wear an outfit, this is the coding for it.

@ CHARACTERNAME changes into (outfit name)

no no i meant, like
a player bchose an outfit which is “option3”

now moving on the next scene, is my character going to wear the chosen outfit? (basically auto changed into the chosen outfit) or do i have to type down something? (basically the character is on default again?)

What’s your characters name?

oh oh uhm i think i solved it o.o…

now how to delete this thread?.. cause i think i found the solution thank you guys and sorry about that!!

@Sydney_H Issue resolved!

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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