Need assistant for my story

I am writing my own story and I’ve written down a whole lots of code. But sometimes I get stuck with what should be there next and it leaves me thinking.

So I need someone who can think faster and give me a heads up when I get stuck.

Also there are lots of camera effects, zooms and all which I need help with that will make the story appealing just like in original stories or stories of various authors.

If you want to partner up please let me know. We will make a great story. :grin:


Hey I myself have quite hard time in codes but I think a lot :sweat_smile:
Okay I mean I can give u ideas for your further chapters but I ain’t an ace in it okay …
But I sure can help you out ;)))

I can also make art because

I’m actually an artist :sweat_smile:

Ok when can you start then? You can suggest of any changes in the script too.

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I actually have 5 requests before but it depends on when do u need covers or art scenes… Like have you published your story yet?

And please keep in mind I need minimum 3-4 days or maximum 2 weeks to complete a single art (that is complicated like more than 2 characters)

Ok I understand. When you have time you contact me.

While cover art will be fine I’ll also need help with what drama should be next.

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Sure I’d be glad to help :wink: I do not have Instagram if that’s what u mean to contact

Contact right here then. There should be a PM system here.

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Yup sure