Need Baby stuff please

I know this may be weird to ask for but i really need baby stuff like feeding botttles,cribs and crib overlay’s, .baby blanket please Ik this is a lot to ask for but please and i’'ll definetely credit you please :pleading_face:


Heyy love!! I am an artist myself but i don’t create overlays, but you can try the art shops!
I’m the part of shops like
George’s art shop
Aesthetic art shop ( actually this one’s not opened yet sorry but it will be soon)

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Hope you find what you’re looking for :heart::heart:

ok ty

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I have baby nursery backgrounds in my drive. It has a crib overlay. You can find the link in my profile!

i’d recommend you using art shops too, I got some overlays from there

where please :pleading_face:

Search up “Art shop” here and you’ll get tons of artshops, request em whatever overlay you want and if they accept your request, you’ll recieve them in 3-4 days, Plus most of them do stuff for free, they even do covers and stuff for free let me know if this help <33

I’ve some baby girl clothes, if you need?

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sure tysm

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cute :orange_heart:

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