Need background asap

I need a bedroom that has two beds in as there is limited amount on the portal. Does anyone know anywhere I could get one?

i can make one if you want. if you can give me some more details off who it is for

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It’s for two boys but I want it to be able to suit them at any age

yeah but about there personality. like do they like sport or art or music

One likes music and the other likes sport. The one who likes music is quite messy and the other one is very tidy

do you want single bed or a bunk bed

Whatever suits you. I don’t mind

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is this good. just wanna know before I spend to much time on details

That looks fine so far. not to sound to needy but if you could, can the beds be on the side view. If you can’t don’t worry

that is gonna be a bit hard to fit two in. also i need to find some other ones

It’s ok the way it is if it’s easier

does this work

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Yeah that’s fine.

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not done yet. i am gonna take a break to get lunch. but what do you think so far

also do you want any spicifc in it . and an background for the window

Looks really good so far, and probably a city background in the window if you can

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any from the catalog you like

Any I don’t mind

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anything you want added to it

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These are perfect thank you :heart_eyes: