Need background assistance please

Please see the highlighted. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

INT. GUARD DESK OL - DAY with INT. GUARD DESK OL moves to layer 1

Hang on, do you have the full overlay coding? Like the shift, scale, etc?

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I know how to do the full overlay coding. I don’t have it on. I thought I was only to put it at layer one from previous posts that I saw. Do I need to put it all in?

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what’s your full coding, copying and paste it in the chat. Starting from line 1196 and yeah you might if you dont have it.

Thanks for your help. I stepped away and when I saw your background. I realized I was missing - DAY. After I added that it worked. Thanks again for your help.


ohhhh, awsome! XDDD np.

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