Need background characters for ballroom scene male & female (LL)

i need your details/default outfit/ballroom outfit


Here is mine

Credits: @SWEET_MELODY on forums
wait I’m sending u the ball outfits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can change outfits as u want I sent the outfits for fun :joy:

need your ballroom outfits <3

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I’ll send ballroom outfit in a minute.
I don’t have a male character, but I can make 1 in a few hours :blush:

And the same hairstyle as in the picture please (or not, you can keep it as is, or as the braid)!

female generic body - neutral 02
arched thick styled - dark brown
long updo wavy princess braid - brunette brown
deepset downturned - brown medium
round soft
round button
full round flat top skin - pink beige gloss
name: Miruna

ciara cherii char card
insta @cherii.episode

You can hire me for free as your stylist today! Message me on secretts13.episode on IG. I specialize in making outfits and this is my fav!!

i need ballroom outfits & default outfits for both


Hey you can change the outfit! I’m just giving my card!

i will need your choice of ballroom outfit & any extras like tattoos i cant choose that for you <3

U can take mine :blush:

Character Card

Her Lip Color is Pink Warm Gloss

Ballroom Outfit

Feel Free to add or remove any thing u want

Credit me on Forums as @BlackHearted or on epi as @Kizzy_Writtes!!
Hope This Helps! :blush:
And don’t Forget to Tag me when ur story is out I’d love to read it!!
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Hi :blush:

Outfits and extras
Halter Long transparent glitter dress cotton red wine
Black chunky boots
Tribal sleeve tattoo
Dagger thigh tattoo
Nose bridge piercing
Hair: Messy sock bun
Lipstick Pink peach medium matte
Blazer tux shiny V neck sequin black
Alligator skin Oxfords leather black
Black denim jeans with accessories
Full body tribal tattoo
Eyebrow piercing
Height: Noah is 6,2 and Ren is 5,2

Credit: @Ren1 on forums is okay with me
Pls tag me when your story is out :slightly_smiling_face:

can you make it yourself lol

whats your ballroom outfit for melody you only sent me the photo <3

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Choose anything u like I don’t mind :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

what are their names?

by order they appear on the comment.

  1. Nireus
  2. Iocaste
  3. Alexandra (me)