Need Background Characters for Limelight Story



Over the recent weeks, I’ve begun writing a story on the Limelight Template. Now this is the first time I have done so, and as I result I’m not familiar with character designs. I’ll be accepting background characters for my story to appear in the high school, or etc. Based on that, please leave your character’s first and last names, age, their physical appearance (using the listed subjects in the Limelight customization) and an outfit for casual wear! Because the story takes place in a fictional northern town, the outfit should not be fantastical, but modern. It should as well be warm for wear. Please do not leave any personality traits, as they will not talk for the duration of the story and that can be decided/assumed off of their wear if they do have a minor speaking part.

If you wish, I’ll provide credits towards your designs on my title page, just let me know!

Thank you so much, and I hope a variety of you participate. :slight_smile:


I dont mind participating
My character is called Chloe and shes 15
I’ll leave you my limelight details
For personality im quite sarcastic and very “indie” or “edgy”
So if you want a look
Shorts and anything black is normally the way forward or anything yellow

Eyes- female generic ~(green)
Eyebrows- arch thick styled (light brown)
Nose- defined natural
Mouth- Full heart pouty (fair rose matte)
Skin- Beige light neutral
Face- Diamond
Hair- Long straight loose solid (Blonde)


Okay, awesome! Would you mind leaving details for the hair as well?


Just edited my post totally forgot


Alright awesome! I’ll add you in :smiley: