🙋‍♂️ Need Background Characters For My LDR Entry! (LL) 🙋‍♀️

Jessica Faust

Jessica is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!
She doesn’t even know what the word mean is (Figurative) She’s over confident and has a HIGH self image,she helps everyone in need even if it hurts her…Yea it’s a flaw ;-;

Kieran Enderson

He’s like the school’s jock.
He’s extremely smart and hard working, yet he thinks every girl wants him…he ain’t too cocky…but a lil over confident.

Camila López

She has a hint of crazy in, she acts innocent All the time… silently giving you the deathstare if you ignore her…she loves hurting people only because she feels hurt herself

Gabriel Cane

The silent creepy keeps to himself type of guy…yet he’s romantic if I do say so myself, he can be very cocky, and OMG sometimes you just wanna punch him in the face ;-;… Super mean!

Insta: @timbet.pup_
Any roles!

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any role !
name: olivia rose but can be shortened to olivia, or usually just via.
personality: sarcastic, quiet, introvert, fashionable and creative
credit thru insta please: @viarose.writes


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Thank you! :blob_hearts:



I don’t have a card with all of the characters details yet but I’m doing in the old fashion way :purple_heart: :smiley:

My Characters Details:

Name is: Daisy

Body Skin & Body Type: Rose 02 Female Athletic Body

Eyebrow & Color: Arched Thick Styled & Dark Brown

Hair & Hair Color: Long Wavy Loose Bangs Sideswept & Dark Brown

Eyes & Eyes Color: Female Generic & Brown Pale

Face Shape: Diamond

Nose: Grecian Soft

Lips & Lips Color: Full Heart Pouty & Color Pink Peach Medium Gloss

Credit me on Instagram at @daisyrodriguezepisode

Personality nice funny always mess around with her sister sexuality bisexual age 23 single you could put me down has nursing

This is my sister Characters Details:

Name is: Yarissa

Skin tone & body type: Rose 03 Female Athletic Body

Hair & Hair Color: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid & Black Dark

Brows & Brows Color: Arched Short & Black Dark

Eyes & Eyes Color: Female Generic & Brown Dark

Face: Triangle Chiseled

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips & Lips Color: Full Round Pouty & Color Pink Peach Medium Gloss

You could credit my sister on her Instagram at @yarissarodriguezepisode

Personality nice funny always mess around with her sister daisy she straight 26 year old and she is taken you could put her in nursing also

Extra: Beauty Mark Mole Upper Lip L Brown

My sister boyfriend chapter details is

Name: Martin Jr

body male soft body skin rose 02

brows Straight Medium and color black dark

hair Undercut Short Straight Texture and hair color black dark

eyes Narrow Almond Deep Smiling and color brown pale

face Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard

nose Grecian Narrow

lip Full Heart Natural and color rose light nude matte

he doesn’t have Instagram

Personality always trying be funny and nice and he always mess around with daisy like always age he is 25 straight taken by Yarissa in relationship for 1 year now in life real he working has a security guard you could put down in the hospital one

my bestie characters details is

this name is Gustavo

body male soft body copper 03

brow black dark & round thick

hair & hair color medium side part flip black dark

eyes & eyes color narrow almond deep sunken brown dark

face: square sculpted

nose: straight narrow

lips & lips color medium heart and rose light nude

he doesn’t have Instagram

Personality nice and shy best friend with daisy sexuality straight age 20 he is single game avatar

You could choose any outfit you like for the four of us :star_struck:

Also tag me when you publish your story

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Your story seems interesting

Full name : Lily lockheart
Personality: sarcastic, fashionable, funny, nice, likes dancing and makes a joke at the worst possible time, extrovert, rude to bitches and bimbos
Role: MC’s friend I guess
Credit: @episode.lillz on Instagram

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@pqstiche please tag me when you publish your story

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of course! :sparkles:


Mc friend:
character profile

Game avatar:

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Hey, bro… Uh… Can you tag me when it’s out? I love the plot so much and my shelf is so empty lmaooooo


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Of course! :sparkles:

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