Need Background Characters For New Story :)

Hi guys! I need background characters for me and my co-writers new comedy story we’re starting! The story is called Concertella and it’s about two best friends who go on a super fun trip to a huge music festival called concertella and it’s just a light, and really funny story
INK story!
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We need guys and girls
I need Character details, character names, outfit must be interesting and unique because it’s for a music festival
Thank you!!!


Ink or LL??

INK sorry I should’ve put that in there

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You can change the outfits if you want.

Thank you @SakuraCheam

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Credits Forum Username: @pastelthunder8

@Epi.milkyway This is so perfect!!! thank you so much!

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@cakegirl_44 YES thank you I love them! :heart_eyes:

You’re welcome :blush:

You can change her outfit if you want! :slightly_smiling_face:

Name: Asha!

Hair: afro (dark black)
Skin color: dark
Face shape: oval
Eyebrows: seductive round
Eyes: upturned bold (dark brown)
Nose: round
Mouth: full round (violet)

Clothes: can be everything no problem!


Outfit: Green Lace Peek Blouse, Goth Girl Skirt, Plain Sheer Leggings, Emerald Sporty Chic Sneakers , Silver Pendant Necklace ,Silver Rising Star Earrings, Rectangular Thin Glasses

Outfit: Cool Leather Jacket, tank top (cream), Cargo Pants (Black), and Black High Top Dance Shoes

Outfit: Goth Girl Top (Dusty Purple), Skater Navy Blue Ripped Shorts, Sheer Star Leggings, Goth Girl Shoes, Moon Necklace

Outfit: Mauve Blue Crewneck Sweater, Black Tight Pants, Skater Guy Black Sneakers, Skater Guy Beanie

Credit instagram: @epi_weird

You could change the clothes.