Need background characters (INK)

hiya! I’m in need of some background characters in INK ! Either gender, and as many as possible. Please write the customization details with the name of your character.

We can help you

That’d be awesome! Please by all means, here’s my gmail :

I’d really appreciate it. And if you want them to wear certain outfits, feel free to list the clothing names :slight_smile:

Is it ink or limelight.

Episode can create background characters for you. If you just write what you want the name of the character to be in your script
@BG4 stands back far left

and you click save, the portal will tell you the character does not exist, and if you would like for them to create them for you. it randomises the details of the character and voila, bg characters.

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I appreciate the help, but I’m doing it this way because I like to see customizations that are popular and distinguishing, I like to involve people in my work because it gives it a sense of realism. Not to mention that it’s fun to involve other people :smile:

oh okay that’s cool! :smiley: