Need Background Characters (LL) The Billionaire's Waitress


i’m looking for three males and three females for bar scene & Bakery scene at the begining of my story & a few other scenes

send your details & choice of outfit with the names of the clothes please


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My character


For one of the outfits Ik I have2 necklaces you can chose whichever u wanna and for the outfits it dosent matter what necklace you wanna use tbh

I would love to read your story :blob_hearts: !

Sorry if the picture quality is horrible my room is dark

also need a manager and a co-worker both female

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My character.


Feel free to change the outfit.(:

Character’s Name: Shari
Body: Plus
Skin Tone: Neutral 03
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Eye Color: Brown Dark
Eye Shape: Female Generic
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Styled
Eyebrows Color: Black Dark
Nose Shape: Round Button
Lip Shape: Full Heart Pouty Vampire Fangs
Lip Color: Neutral Medium Nude Matte
Hair Color: Black Jet
Hair Style: Long Curls

Halter Tied Waist Scallop Dress Cotton Teal True
Stars Arm Tattoo Solid
Diamond Embedded Country Chic Crystal Blue Azure
Pumps Closed Round Black
Knit Crochet Strap Bag Cotton Grey White

Heres mine! Good luck with your story

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Here’s mine! (:

I don’t really mind what outfit you put on my character but this was just in case you couldn’t think of one or didn’t want to create one.^ You can use either one of the glasses options to suit the scene.

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