Need Background Characters😁

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Hi! These are my characters:


If you needed character
You could choose any role you like :+1:

Daisy Characters Details

Screenshot (767)

Daisy is Yarissa sister
Daisy age 23
Sexuality bisexual

Yarissa Characters Details

Screenshot (770)

Her boyfriend name is Martin Jr and Yaissa is sister with Daisy
Yarissa age 27
Sexuality straight

Martin Jr Characters Details

Her girlfriend name is Yarissa
Martin age 25
Martin sexuality straight

Gustavo Characters Details

Best friend with Daisy
Gustavo sexuality straight
Gustavo age 22

Landon Characters Detail

More characters detail of my story

Name Landon

Extra items:

Landon is a twin with Luke and he also Daisy friend
Landon age 25 almost 26 in April
Landon sexuality straight

Luke Characters Detail

Luke details characters are:

Extra items:

Luke is a twin with Landon and he also Daisy friend
Luke age 25 almost 26 in April
Luke sexuality straight

My Instagram at daisyrodriguezepisode for daisy, Gustavo, Landon, Luke Characters and tag my sister Characters with her boyfriend card at Instagram yarissarodriguezepisode tag me when you published your story also you could change any outfits you like :smiley::slightly_smiling_face:

They are a couple

They are a couple

Here r some characters :blush:

And these are main characters two one of my upcoming stories
Credit to @Dragon for these amazing character cards

You can credit me through my epi forum Abbixowrites

credit: alexandra_episode_

You can use me!


You can use my character if you want:


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Credit Instagram @ryder_epii

I have 1 charcter that you can use. Cuz I only have 1 character card :sweat_smile:


Card cred goes to @MyaShadow


its not that fancy

Here you go!

You can use any outfit you like!
Credit:Use my episode name @episode Author

Feel free to use it! :grin:

Feel Free To Use My Characters :heart:


they are twin !

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