Need background + overlay (kinda urgent)

Hello everyone!
I need a ship overlay, a boat overlay, an ocean overlay, a ship background from inside (rooms, corridors and etc).

  • ship overlay: I need the overlay to be like I’m seeing the ship from inside the ocean, you know?
  • boat overlay: I need this one to be like I’m inside it, it’s my mc + 5 friends.
  • ocean overlay: This will be together with the boat overlay, so the angles need to be good and make sense.
  • ship interiors: I just need the common interiors, it’s not like a cruise. More like that ship from resident evil where they got stuck there waiting for help.

It’s not necessary to be with snow, you can send me another types of each overlay and background cause I’m flexible and I can change a few things here and there to make it more believable. I’ll credit you of course or you can choose to make yourself a character and appear on my ship episode.
Thanks in advance.

Check my Donors Drive (link on my website). Some of those you listed, can be found there…


I knew that it was too good to be true… I’m sorry but if I’m asking for people to help me, why would I pay you to get something people can help me freely? Ugh…

Ummm, I don’t think they are asking you to pay. Their google drive is open… at least from what I can see when I followed the link.

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It showed to me in a different way…

Oh okay, sorry.

You’re confused. :heart: My Donors Drive is free. You access it by clicking the icon. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I don’t charge.

I do have a fee, but not for the drive where I sent you.

The fee is for the new drive I’m working on. With fees I buy new sets and I share them. I don’t have fee to be rich, I gain completely nothing. But I do spent my personal time, hours and hours daily, stress after stress.

So don’t be confused, once again: Donors Drive is accessible free and for every one.


Okay. I’m brazilian so pardon me if I’m being confused.
I’m taking a look on your google drive.

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I have 2 drives there. Both accesible :sparkling_heart:

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I couldn’t find anything that I was searching for, but I saved 2 pics of a cabin.
Thanks anyway.

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i have a background with a ship but a night background but i dont have the rooms

credit on ig: lost.puppy.episode
if you need overlays with it just pm me