Need Backgrounds/Edits?


Want new or edited Background? Tell me what you want.

Here is some of my work.


Hi @Lena_writes!
Would it be possible to remove the toilet from both of these backgrounds? You could replace it with a cabinet or just remove it completely I don’t mind :blush:



Yes. I’ll work on it now. :slight_smile:


Thank you :two_hearts:


I hope this is fine. If not, just say what you want different and I’ll do it. :slight_smile:


They’re perfect! Thank you so much :blush:


No problem! Would you like to credit me under @lena_writes_episode ? I would really appreciate it.


Of course I will :revolving_hearts:


Thank you! :blush:


Wow, you’re amazing at these! :heart:


Thank you! And thank you for your Cover Art. I’ll use it for my story. :blush:


Aw, no problem! :heart: You’re amazing at what you do! If I ever have any of my edits for backgrounds I will come to you!


Aw, thank you. :blush:


Wait, is there two Lena_Writes? Because I’m seeing two profile pics?




No. I changed my profile picture. But still strange that it doesn’t show in my earlier posts.


Hmm… maybe I need to reload then. Sorry for the confusion! Have a great day! Oh, it’s showing now, no wonder. Sorry for the trouble, my bad!


Never mind! Have a great day, too.


Hi are you able to take out the table and chairs so that the room is bare?
It’s okay if you can’t (:


No, sorry. That’s impossible for me. /: