Need backgrounds? I can help!

Hey! So I’m doing free backgrounds for all the authors so if you need help with any backgrounds then do contact me in IG @starx.bgs . I also do requests for free once in a month😊 I hope I can help you also I’ll post some of my bgs in here as a refrence and if you’re using it then do credit me please!


Hi I don’t have insta. But I’m in need of a background, do you think you can help?

I can!

Perfect :heart:

I need a background of the front view of the wall with the balcony on it that’s in this picture. and then from that picture, I will need a background of it with and without the painting.

pv1_back_INT__THE_HAMILL_BALLROOM___NIGHT.jpg1920x1136 215 KB

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Um hi, I don’t have insta either, but I need a bedsheet background. I have looked everywhere. I can’t find one. Can you please help?

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So I don’t take requests but what I meant was I can send the bgs to you that I’ve made already so sorry about that if you need any other bgs let me know!!

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I can help you, just send me message personally and I’ll send overthere

oh okay, thank you :heart: