Need Backgrounds? I gotcha!

Never mind.

Need permission. :3
Try again. Should be fixed

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Pretty sure you shouldn’t be redistributing stuff that isn’t yours unless you give credit?


And I don’t see any credit to anyone such as @lonewolfe and @episode.justine


Seconding @Atreus here. You don’t have permission to redistribute those backgrounds and you haven’t given credit to any of the owners.


you should ask the creators if youre allowed to post their work elsewhere - would you like it if someone did the same with your own work?

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I am really sorry. I promise I will delete it.

I am so terribly sorry to anyone whos content I used. I promise I have deleted my Google Drive entirely, as well as any trace of any content not belonging to me. I swear on my own life that before saving images, I will ask for permission first. I did not mean to hurt anyone. I just didn’t think. I am so stupid. I will leave the forums if that is what you want. I now have no trace of anyones content other than my own on my device. I hope you all forgive me for my stupid mistake. Thank you for telling me that I am in the wrong. Thank you for reading this. You are so amazing. I hope something nice happens to you all today.

Thank you to everyone who complained, very thankful! It’s great to know that we as a community continue to be supportive and appreciative of artists :heart:

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Closed as it no longer has an issue to discuss. :smiley: