Need backgrounds?

Hello! If you need any backgrounds I can make them! I make bedrooms, bathrooms, livingrooms, kitchens, etc! Pretty much anything! Just let me know! Here are some examples…

Or if you would like to use any of these, go ahead! Just please make sure to give me credit!


Very nice!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Moved to Art Resources since it’s about backgrounds. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Oohh niceee!!

Can you make for me a male and female background, because Episode has a few, but I want something different from Episode.

If you could do that for me, I would love that

Thank you xxxx

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Sure! I would love to! Just message your details, and if you could, a picture kind of like what you would like! :smile:

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Whoops I meant Bedroom Backgrounds. I forgot the word bedroom hahaha.

Bedroom Female:
Colours: Black / white
Furniture: a bed and a desk (you can choose the other things for in the bedroom) (Like decorating and stuff) (Btw if my English is bad I’m sorry)
Type of room: It has to be a female bedroom, but she is a bit of a badass so… If u get what I mean hahaha.

Bedroom Male:
Colours: Green
Furniture: a bed and a desk (You can choose the other things! xx)
Type of room: I would like a normal male bedroom.

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Thankss again xx

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Of course! Is there a certain day you need it by?

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No, take as long as you need, but no too long hahaha.

Also, do you think you could send me some pictures of something sort of like what you want? Just so I can get a main idea :smile:

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Sure wait a sec.

Okay thank you! And don’t worry I will have it done in two to three days tops :slight_smile:

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A bit like this but the male bedroom with a desk And the female with the colours black and white.

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Cool thank you very much! I will get started now!

But just to let you know, the bedrooms won’t look exactly like that. They will be a little bit different. And would you like a dark or light green for the male bedroom?

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Oh umm (sorry for late responds)
I would like a dark green xx

It’s okay!

Hi noelle09 is it ok if I use this background?, I will credit you for it :slight_smile: