Need Backround characters

I need some Backround Characters, make sure you include your details and (if you have one) favorite clothes you’d like your character to wear. (Idk if you’ll speak or not) thanks :yum:


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Skin tone: Toffee
Face shape: Soft heart
Hair: Long featherd
Hair color: Black
Brows: Seductive arc
Eyes: Upturned bold
Eye color: Green
Nose: Elven
Lips: Blossom lips
Lip color: Bordeaux

U can choose the clothes :blush:

Do you want me to give you a name or do you want a specific one?

These clothes would be good

Ok :ok_hand:

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Here are my details and my name is Vivian or Vivi

And here is the guy version of myself. His name is Vincent or Vinnie. Just in case you are in need of male background characters, here are his details.

You can choose the clothes, but Vincent gotta have his tattoo :slight_smile:

Thanks :yum:

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Name: Edon
Skin Tone: Honey
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Blue)
Face: Oval
Hair: Beach Wave (Fawn)
Eyebrows: Medium Soft Arch
Lips: Classic (Cherry Red)
Nose: Aquiline
It doesn’t matter what clothes she wears.

What is the name of the story?:blush:

It’s not published yet but it will be soon