Need badass looking characters *INK*

I need characters that could be used as assasins and other badass roles, i will need to know they will also be in an assassin academy

age (Has to be over 18)
background info

Still need a few more characters


The problem with Ink is a lot of the ‘Badass’ characters look the same :frowning:


She is 22. She killed her abusive father and went to juvenile remand home. After coming back home, when everything went back to normal her close friend was killed. To avenge her friend she took the help of a gang and in return became a partial member of the gang. Her job is to assassinate and provide various information.

Both are Straight. He is 24. He is just a normal person with advanced computer knowledge. He loves Roy and help her in her work.

Here you go! :revolving_hearts:

Athena’s age: 19
Damian’s age: 19
Athena’s Sexuality: Bisexual
Damian’s Sexuality: Straight

Character Details

The outfit can be anything, but Athena is usually wearing thin circular glasses and Damian has the INK lady rose tattoo.

Personality/Background Info

Athena: Extremely laid-back, Stubborn, Sarcastic and Stoic.

Damian: Hot-Headed, Impulsive, Rude and Vain.

Backstory: Athena is Damian’s childhood best friend, but they had to separate when they were 12, Athena was sent to a strict military school until she was 17 while Damian was running from the law. They eventually meet each other again and fall in love. (Athena is the more dominant one in the relationship and loves to tease Damian and see him get all flustered, their relationship dynamic is basically like, ‘‘I hate everyone, but you.’’) :joy:

Character: Hermione Odinsdottir (Hera)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 20
Background Info:
Her mother was a top assassin and she learned all defense skills from her mom. (Like shooting, martial arts, etc.)
Sadly, her mom failed one of her missions and get assassinated in the mission.
After getting adopted by her uncle (who also is an assassin, mainly a hacker), she learned even more skills (like hacking).

She’s very down-to-earth, sarcastic but caring.
She always brings a pistol by her side for safety reasons.


  • Hacking (Mediocre)
  • Mastery of unarmed combat skills
  • Proficiency with all kinds of weapons (Pistol)
  • Medical aiding


  • Body: Porcelain
  • Brow: Thick Flat
  • Hair: Long Feathered
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eyes: Upturned Bold
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Face: Oval
  • Nose: Upturned
  • Lips: Blossom Lips
  • Lip Color: Scarlet


  • Super Goth Shirt
  • Goth Girl Skirt
  • Goth Girl Boots
  • Small Fishnets
  • Ear Piece With Mic
  • Key Necklace

True tbh that’s why it’s harder to make them on your own

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@BlooperBop @pqstiche they will be in an accadamy if that is okay and I also need ur social media’s

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It’s okay though :joy:
btw my Instagram is @cheesybaconpizza :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah I was just making sure ahah

profile ink

Sexuality: Bisexual

age: 20


Mine too?!

Yeah if that’s okay x

My character looks sweet and innocent on the outside, but she has a badass personality.

Sexuality Bisexual
Age 19
Pronouns They/Them
Role Assassin


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What’s her name?

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Also are they together?

Also can I just ask where you got your detail sheet made please ahah x

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