Need badass looking characters *INK*

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I don’t have any SM

You can credit me by my forum username if you want

Name: Xael | Nickname: X or XAE

Do you mind changing the eyes to ROUND CLASSIC (Hickory)?

Sexuality: Hetero/Straight
Age: 19

Very skilled in all weaponry (But usually is seen with knives or with a sniper rifle)

Tech savvy (she’s been programming viruses and creating devices since she was six.)

*Photographic Memory (Very good callback memory of suspects or crime scenes.)

And has serious driving skills with cars and her dad’s favorite motorcycle (she used to watch to many racing movies with her father.)

Extras: She wears glasses sometimes (Rectangular) and she has multiple piercings (Eyebrow, ear, and lip). She always has on some sort of jewelry.

Personality/Background info:

Xael is sarcastic, humorous, hot -headed, lovable, and caring person. She can come across intimidating and bold, but will help anyone in need. She always has put many lives before her own, including for the people she cares about. Due to her past, she can be a bit ruthless (and cold), but will not harm or discriminate innocents. She’s a hopeless romantic but she’s still has a few walls up. Fun fact: Xael loves music (especially Metal/rock) and crime shows, has her own unique sense of fashion and she loves kids. She has an adopted sibling that she loves and cares for dearly. Xael would put her life on the line at all cost, just to make sure they’re safe. You could make her sibling (make or female) could make later on, or I can make them for you.


Her outfits are mostly black (but you can add a splash of color, if you’d like). You can change the hairstyle occasionally as well.

Here is one of her assassin outfits:
Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 5.34.23 PM

Make any changes nessecary!

I hope this was in depth for you. If you need more info, just tell me :blush:. I don’t have a social media. But, you could tag me at my forums name! Also, please let me know by pm, what’s the name of your story and when I will come out :hugs:.

Haha, I made it myself. :joy: :black_heart: And my IG is @blooperbop.episode. :revolving_hearts:

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Name: Frosty
Sexuality: straight
Age: 20
Outfit choices: hot/cute/stylish
•Master combat Tactical skills (armed dUh)
•High Proficiency using Snipers and rocket launchers.
•Has a Black belt in Karate
Programming and making new devices and weapons
When she was a young girl, she was interested in web design however her parents were very insistent on her going to military school which is why she moved to Switzerland at 18 in order to enter the army but was rejected at first so she tried again at 19 to please her parents. However, during a war she got severely injured from a bombing at a military base in Geneva therefore she left the army as an Ex-Commander in Chief. She was known as one of the deadliest fighters using weaponry.

Here are my details made by my amazing friend :pleading_face:

Thank youuu do you have social media

here’s mine! :white_heart:


ink female details

note: if the image doesn’t show up, please let me know so i can fix it! thank you!


  • straight.

outfit choices:

  • black, grunge, grey. (usually dresses like a skater girl.)
  • outfits always have to match together OR the color of the t-shirt always has to match the color of the shoes.

age: (has to be over 18)

  • 22

background info:

  • roxana is a “get-to-the-point” kind of girl. she will never hesitate to do anything crazy you will ask her to do. she knows what to say/do to get out of unwanted situations/conversations. sometimes people even always question her for her sarcasticticy. but she does not talk very much about her own personal life…people just don’t know why. she is very mysterious and will always try to change the subject when asked about herself or her past. but she likes to brag a lot about herself and is sometimes is very cocky about it. but there’s never one time roxana has never lost an argument. and she hates it when she gets left out from anything.
    roxana has a crush on one of her guy friends but she just can’t talk to him because when she like someone she tends to get nervous & shy, and tries act bold.
    but she tries to hide it by being mean or tease the individual she likes.
    even though roxana can be a total ass towards you…she secretly has a soft spot for you :wink: .

Thank you and what does she specialise in xx

Name : Cane
Age : 20
Skin : Toffee
Nose : Button
Eyes :any (green)
Lips : Uneven
Face : Triangle
Brow : Thin Arch
Hair : Man bun (Charcoal)
Skill : Hand Combat

Thank you what’s the personality like x

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Cane was 10 when his parents were murdered in front of him. Ever since then he has only one purpose. To avenge his parents. Now he’s back in the business stronger and colder than ever.
(He’s an asshole to all. His friends are the only family he has. He can do anything and everything for them.)


Okay thank you x

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Hope u liked it :heart: :sweat_smile:

Yup perfect thanks. X

Alright here is my character


Sexuality: Pansexual
Nickname: People who are close to her call her Rae but everyone else calls her by her last name, Pierce.
Age: 19
Height: 5’0


• Extrememly skilled in everything and anything explosives
•Very observent. Nothing gets passed her.
•skilled in small size guns (glocks)


Has an ear stretcher as well her industrial and pretty much her entire ear, eyebrow slits, lip piercing, nd nose ring


Erratic, insensitive, manipulative, lacks empathy guilt and remorse, brutally honest, impulsive, observent, loves to laugh, doesn’t care about anyone but herself, her best friends, and her older sister, loyal, cheeky, mischievous.

Has a soft spot for her best friends and older sister Samirah (i can send the details if you want).

You will rarely catch her not smiling. But the smile isn’t real, it’s a cooping mechanism.


Her mother died and her dad got in jail when she was 14 for murder so she was stuck with her aunt. Up until that point her dad taught her everything she knows about explosives and such since that was his specialty and other things too. She was never I guess mentally stable to begin with. (No she isn’t a psychopath but her mental health was just never the best). Her aunt was toxic and verbally abusive and after years and years of abuse, Raven snapped and killed her. She was then arrested and almost put for life until she had a second chance to live in society (you can choose the reason it doesn’t rlly matter lmao) and attends the academy now.


She normally wears black and grey. Occasionally white. But sometimes she wears slight pops of color. Also a jacket she constantly wears is “Bomber Jacket”

also I’ll be back to post a assassin outfit I’m just tired lmao

oh nd my insta is the same as my forums name

If you need anything else you can always pm me or just @ me here :cowboy_hat_face: