🐚 Need besties [ open ] 🐚

This is yen here, im 17 years old and i am half korean and half American :kr::us_outlying_islands: , i really like to listen to kpop,jpop and pop songs currently im writing a story and im kind of an editor myself lol

So id you wanna know something about me you can pm me or drop a question here

Feel free to follow me on ig : @/epy.yen




Hey! I’d be happy to be friends. I’m also 17, but from the UK. I just followed your Instagram, mine’s @/episodesapphire :blush:

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Its really nice to meet you, ill follow you back!

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Bump :butterfly:

Hii I’d love be your friend. I followed your insta here is mine @chikki._.creator

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Sure!! Nice to meet you ill follow back :sparkling_heart:

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Heyo. I’d like to be your friend. My instagram is @Raven_author

Imma follow you rn :hugs:

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